Notes on the Recent Advances in Wave-Structure Interactions

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报告题目:Notes on the Recent Advances in Wave-Structure Interactions

  告 人:Professor Jun Zang,University of Bath (英国巴斯大学,哈尔滨工程大学客座教授)


报告内容:This presentation will highlight our recent advances in the development and application of advanced numerical methods to challenging coastal and offshore problems. By implementing appropriate numerical methods, different problems such as performance and survivability analysis of wave energy devices, wave over-topping of breakwaters, and wave impact on floating structures can be modelled more accurately and efficiently. In the presentation, I shall give an overview on our recent studies on applying novel Particle-in-Cell method, open source CFD tool OpenFOAM and traditional potential flow solver to wave interaction with fixed and floating structures.

报告人简介: Dr Jun Zang is a Reader, and the Founding Director of the Research Unit for Water, Environment and Infrastructure Resilience (WEIR) at the University of Bath, UK. Prior to joining Bath in 2007, she was a Departmental Lecturer at the University of Oxford. Before that, she took on various roles in both academia and industry after she graduated with a PhD in coastal and offshore engineering. She was the Chair of the PRIMaRE, a partnership of world-class research institutions based in the West, South, and South West of England for research in marine renewable energy for the academic year 2015-2016. Dr. Zang’s research group at Bath is one of the international leading groups in developing and using advanced CFD tools in modelling complex free surface flows, violent wave impact on coastal and offshore structures, urban and coastal flooding, and the optimization and survivability of wave energy devices. She has led and participated in multiple national and international large research projects on various topics, which include EU funded project investigating violent wave impact on fixed offshore wind turbine foundations (as Project Leader), several wave energy related projects on the optimization and survivability of WECs (as Bath Principle Investigator), and wave structure interactions (including CCP-WSI collaboration on wave-structure interaction). She is also a committee member of a couple of top international conferences in the field and chaired major conferences in recent years.


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