Peridynamics Simulations of Fracture and Fragmentation of Solids and Granular Materials, and Fluid Mechanics Problems

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题目:Peridynamics Simulations of Fracture and Fragmentation of Solids and Granular Materials, and Fluid Mechanics Problems







        Peridynamics is a relatively new nonlocal meshfree particle method that can be used to conduct fast simulation of fracture and fragmentation of solids without remesh. In this talk, we shall introduce the theory of both bond-based peridynamics as well as the state-based peridynamics, their computational formulations, focusing on issues of computer implementation and physical modeling. Moreover, we shall discuss our recent wok on developing a state-based peridynamics model for granular materials, and how to apply them to simulate soil fragmentation due to both impulse and blast loads. Moreover, we shall discuss the recent developed Updated Lagrangian Peridynamics Formulation for solving fluid mechanics problems. 

        In this talk, first, we have discussed the nonlocal differential operator approach based on the non-local integral equation. Second, we will discuss how to implement the Drucker-Prager constitutive model in peridynamics for finite deformation. Here the peridynamics form of the Hughes and Winget theory is derived for the finite deformation constitutive update. Third, we shall discuss the updated Lagrangian formulation for the state-based peridynamics, and its application to solve Navier-Stokes equation. We have carried out numerical simulations to validate the proposed peridynamics formulations in soil fragmentation, as well as to validate the Updated Lagrangian Peridynamics Formulation for fluid mechanics in several bench mark problems.

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